Should I try fluid art

Should I Try Fluid Art?

Should I Try Fluid Art?

Fluid Art, sometimes also known as paint pouring, gets its name due to the paint being applied to the canvas in such a way that it literally flows off the edges. This is what makes it one of the most interesting forms of acrylic painting.


How to prepare acrylic fluid paints?

When preparing paints to use during this creative session, a mixture of acrylic paint, pouring medium and water are used. Because of this, the acrylic paints is at such a consistency that it flows off the canvas.

By adding a special type of paint that is applied directly to the canvas and manipulating the acrylic paint, the patterns can be changed. You can make fluid art by using a pouring medium and mixing colours in a creative way. Before you know it you could be a paint pouring pro! 


Why not try fluid art yourself?

Check out this short video tutorial below as a starting point on acrylic fluid art. Hopefully, from this you can begin to create your own fluid art masterpiece! 



What are you waiting for? Pick up some cheap art supplies and use the simple ratio of 30:20:50, paint: pouring medium: water.


Indulging in fluid art can also create great gifts for those you love for cheap. You can pick up basic supplies for this form of art relatively cheaply and it is fun no matter who you are! If you do want to learn and create your own beautiful artwork, there are many acrylic paint pouring sets available online.


What is it like being a fluid art artist?

As fluid art can indeed be very chaotic, do not forget to invest in some plastic sheets or large bin bags so that your floor and table are not also glazed with acrylic. Also if possible, try to pick up some paper towels, a drying rack and some plastic cups. All these accessories will make your paint pouring experience more relaxing. 

If you want to learn more about liquid acrylic painting and its application, you can always check out my Facebook or Instagram profiles for daily paint pouring videos!


Pavis Paints fluid art tutorials.

My Facebook and Instagram platforms (in addition to displaying my work) are designed to share various techniques and tricks of acrylic fluid painting. There is a space to stay up to date with all the news, tips, tricks and tips on paint pouring. I share a range of pouring techniques, both for newbies and experienced artists alike.


Can I try fluid art with no previous painting experience?    

Through many different pours and painting techniques, you can create your very own abstract fluid art relatively easily. You don’t have to be an expert to achieve amazing results. As an amateur it should be a fun and enjoyable activity! Whether you are a beginner or hobby artist or just want to try something new, fluid art or paint pouring is an addictive, simple and fun way to create beautiful abstract art. 


At first, creating the correct consistency of paints can be tricky…

But starting with a thick colour, enables you to add pouring mediums and water gradually to make the process easy. Side note: the heavier the paint the more fluid medium you will need.     

This method of acrylic painting is unique. This is because it is crucial to gain the correct consistency before painting. Using the right medium in combination with the acrylic paint to make it more fluid and easier to manipulate is key!


Thanks for reading, do feel free to share any acrylic art tips in the comments below!

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