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Social Media for Artists: Pros and Cons

Confused as to whether social media is positively or negatively impacting your art? 

Being a modern day artist presents a range of challenges that a traditional artist would not have to deal with. One of the main issues is social media use. 

Due to an increasingly connected world, one of the main ways artists nowadays (including myself) is through social media. Artists chose to connect with other artists and potential customers alike through this ever growing platform.


Social media for artists really can be the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s a great asset for inspiration, sharing your work and reaching as many people as possible. However, there are some significant drawbacks such as discouragement, pressure to complete paintings and comparison to others.

Therefore, below you can read the pros and cons of using social media as an artist to ensure you remain on the positive side of these somewhat useful platforms as opposed to falling victim to it’s darker side.



  • Inspiration: The main benefits of using social media as an artist is to see other artist’s work and find inspiration in their creations. From this you will likely be able to gain ideas and encouragement to create similar pieces.
  • Community: Meeting other artists keeps you motivated! Talking to other painter’s and admiring their work builds a sense of community that can put more meaning to the work you’re creating. The art community has some of the most kind and authentic people you will meet! 
  • Sales platform: Most social media platforms (namely Facebook and Instagram) have dedicated shop features. This allows customers to purchase your work without even leaving the app. This sales platform is invaluable in building up your art into a business.


These amazing benefits really are a step up for the art world. Without this level of connection around the world it would be very hard to build a community. However, the cons quickly rear their head when you spend more than a few moments on social media.



  • Comparison to others: One of the main drawbacks of social media as an artist is comparing your work to others in a negative light. This could make you feel your work is not good enough – particularly if you’re a newbie.
  • Pressure to paint: Due to excessive social media usage, not only could you feel pressure to paint more (in turn reducing your creativity), you may also be deeply influenced by the type of art your Instagram followers want to see. 
  • Reduced productivity: When opening social media apps such as Instagram, you may intend to only use them for a moment or two, but quickly an hour has passed and you have still not picked up a brush!  


So, should I use social media, or not?

Art such a unique personal and messy process that often channel’s such as Instagram does not allow for. Mistakes are what builds up your skills as a painter, particularly as a new artist, however social media will often discourage you from doing this.  

Whilst it is all too easy to get swept away in creating art for the purposes of a ‘grid aesthetic’, it’s important to not get carried away. You may find yourself creating pieces of art purely for the purposes of pleasing your followers. When, in reality, the only person you should be trying to please is yourself. If you’re happy with your work then it is a success.


Success will be reflected in true artist passion.

Painting pieces that are truly for yourself, based on your own creativity are the pieces that will be successful. Even fellow users will notice how happy you are with your piece of work. Remember to paint only for yourself, whilst indulging only in the pros of these platforms as opposed to the cons.


What’s your opinion? Do you believe social media is a positive or a negative tool for artists? Leave a comment below.

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