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Why Should You Buy Original Art?

How important is it to buy original pieces of art? 

Over time buying original art has stereo-typically become somewhat of a hobby for the elite. Normal people tend to err more on the side of buying replicas and mass produced canvases from their local home shops.

However, a huge misconception is that when buying original pieces of art, individuals would have to spend a small fortune. Many talented artists do sell their work at a reasonable price, particularly through social media and other online platforms. Due to the connectivity of such platforms, artists have a more stable platform to sell art to enthusiasts and laypeople alike.


Your artistic choices depend on your style.

Your style will determine the art that you purchase of course. In this way, the art you hang on your walls also acts as a key conversation piece. In addition to this, you own a tiny piece of the artist by providing a home for their work. Many art lovers describe this as a huge personal connection with the artist themselves.


Buying art is a personal venture which would be unique to yourself. No pieces would ever be described as good or bad, it simply depends on what appeals to you as an individual. Then of course your requirements, such as space, budget and colours. One of the most important rules collectors live by is buying art that you share a connection with.


What are the benefits of buying original art?

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Buying art as a collector or a newbie brings a range of 

benefits, often without breaking the bank! This particularly applies to new, budding artists. The pieces a new artist will create are often still of high quality and also great for bargain hunters. 


We have listed below the 5 main reasons why you should consider buying original art:

  • Quality of the art.

A hand painted original canvas provides a level of depth that you simply cannot replicate. The three dimensional feel draws in viewers and holds their attention when hung in direct eye line. In contrast to a mass produced canvas which may appear cheap and of lower quality providing a ‘flat’ impression.

Creating art is a personal process in which each brush stroke is often identifiable on the piece. This provides a highly aesthetic look as well as the ability to see a new detail each time the painting is observed.


  • Connection to the art.

It would not be uncommon that if you asked a customer why they purchased a particular piece of art they simply replied ‘I fell in love with it’. However, it is rare the same would be said for a mass produced canvas at a home store. The fact original artwork costs a little more that such pieces, means that more thought goes into the buying process. For this reason, finally buying a piece creates a unique experience only to the buyer.

It also would not be uncommon for the piece to hold an emotional connection with the customer, such as a specific memory or feeling induced when looking at it. This doubles as a piece of self expression in an aesthetic way.

But the main reason why someone may feel a connection to a piece of art, is it’s ability to start a conversation. Buying a budding artist’s painting allows you to hold a fantastic conversation starter with meaning for a relatively low budget.


  • Increased well-being through art.

There has been a countless amount of studies into the benefits of art on our mental wellbeing. It has even been found that displaying original art in the home can increase quality of life! It is somewhat hard to believe. However, the showcasing of beautiful pieces often motivates us when feeling uninspired. It also gives a lease of life to perhaps an otherwise lifeless room in turn completing it aesthetically and logistically.


  • Appreciating the value of original art.

 With art, there is always a good chance it will only increase in value overtime if you purchase correctly, often due to the individuality of the piece. In this way, art can be considered an investment also. Advisory services are available which can help you determine which piece is for you, from purely a financial point of view.


  • Supporting the work of original artists.

It goes without saying that by purchasing the original art of an artist supports them personally and professionally. Not only are you buying a piece that could make you money in the long run but you are professionally and financially supporting the work of an emerging artist.

Buying artwork in the beginning of an artist’s career is substantially beneficial as this provides a platform to turn a hobby into a career.

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